If you represent a top graduate employer, we want to work with you!

This event is going to be huge – we’ve got support from so many different people, organisations and societies – and we’re being very ambitious. We’re encouraging collaborations that have never existed before at Lancaster, to develop this revolutionary week of events for maximum benefit to students and all of our amazing partners.

How (and why) to get involved?

  • Work with us to create an event for the week – as long as it’s innovative/interactive, and fits with a daily theme, we want to make it happen!
  • Showcase your industry, products and career opportunities to the diverse range of enthusiastic students at Lancaster.
  • Spot talent (and there’s a lot of it!) – we’re engaging some of the best students at Lancaster, which is already one of the top universities in the UK.
  • It’s a great chance for your organisation to get involved inĀ one of the biggest events of the year, celebrating ‘Your World’ and Lancaster’s 50th Anniversary!

If you’d like to get involved – we’d love to hear from you. Just email (Bright Futures Society President).

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